SONY DSCEvery spring the vivid shades of green of the lush forest and fields around the cottage impresses me. The trees are full of birdsong and the air is sweet. It’s a great season for hiking, before the weather gets too warm. Shellaligan Trail and Chinese Mountain are where we like to go nearby. Shellaligan is a seaside trail along a rocky coastline, while Chinese Mountain rewards with a panoramic view.


beachcombing in the fog

fall day on the beach near Raven Wood CottageDown at the beach by the cottage the salmon are still heading up the creek that feeds into the bay there. We like to watch their strong bodies push against the current and maneuver around the logs and rocks. They move so quickly despite their size, their fins slicing through the surface like a shark’s where the water is low. We scared up some bald headed eagles when we cut  through the stand of old growth trees in the back of the bay to have a look upstream.  Such a wing span! Out on the shore the gulls provided us company as we beachcombed and watched the fog roll in. It rained a little, but we didn’t mind. It just made heading back for stew around the woodstove all the more pleasant.

a season of abundance

What a gorgeous weekend! It’s summer in October here on the coast.

We took a walk in the fall light to watch the salmon flip and slap the water in the bay. They are waiting for the rains to come, big salmon, Chum. We heard Barred Owls calling in the night. They screech and grunt so that in my dreams I mistook them for monkeys. We didn’t see any deer this trip, though we saw so many over the summer, bucks and does, and even twin fawns. It was the summer for spotting wildlife as we also saw minks,  an otter,  and a young raccoon this summer too. I even got to see an eagle up close and personal as it perched right outside the kitchen window.

We picked Chanterelle mushrooms to have with our breakfast and indulged in a feast of local smoked salmon, some not so very local moose, and a cornucopia of  produce from Open Bay Farm for dinner, including eggplant! Friends visited bringing squash and rotund tomatoes as gifts. It is a season of abundance here, especially with the extended warm weather.

spring preparations

fitting the boards to cedar postIt always surprises me how much turmoil a winter season can wreak on the spaces we’ve created at Raven Wood. But as I pick up piles of branches thrown to the ground by the winter storms, haul away the decking finally decomposing after years of winter rains, and cut back the grass that has grown to my knees in our absence, I find that I don’t begrudge these duties. Instead, I feel heartened to know that nature would, in quite short order, take over all we’ve done here. Our human efforts, this task reminds me, are, ultimately, somewhat inconsequential. Nature will prevail no matter how hard we work to bend our environment to our own needs. So this annual practice of spring maintenance has the same effect on me as looking the stars. And at the end of the long beautiful days we are now having, there are plenty of those to look at too. I know that our first guests of the season, repeat customers arriving from Beijing, will be all to happy to enjoy them.

We’ve changed our rates!

We’ve made some adjustments to our rates in preparation for the coming season making weekly and monthly rentals even more affordable, so please, take a peek at our rates page as you look through the site. We’ve also adjusted our minimum stay from four nights to two. We hope these changes suit you better.

Inquiries are starting to come in, so book early if you wish to secure peak weekends.

We look forward to hearing from you!

a Canadian retreat

Maria from GermanyThis is the face of someone who has just stayed at Raven Wood Cottage for three weeks.  Maria came all the way from Germany for a retreat at our little cottage in the woods. She came with the intention of finishing a book, which she did. Early on in her stay I checked in with her. She’d been meditating a lot, and hiking. “It’s so beautiful here, and I can’t believe how you can walk and walk and never see anyone,” she said. In the guest book she left a note, “Being here, I’ve learned about the power of nature.”